India Post International Air Parcel is very cost effective when compared to other international courier services. When we compare with other courier charges with India Post we will be in surprise because it costs nearly half of the charges imposed by others. Cost effective parcel bookings helps small merchants and retailers could save more of their income. We can book International Air Parcel in all Post Offices across the country.

Features of India Post International Air Parcel Service

  • Cheap booking Rates : Very cheap rates for sending international air parcels through India Post. In some cases it costs only half of the price when compared to other courier services.
  • Wide Network : Using Indian Postal service we can send parcels to more than 215 countries across the world with online tracking facility through out delivery.
  • Weight : We can send up to 20Kgs weighing parcels to destination countries. Parcel weight limit is maximum of 20kgs it may vary according to destination countries.
  • Easy booking : Booking Foreign parcels made easy Indian Post offices. Anyone can visit post office with his/her parcel and after weighing it, attest “To” and “From” addresses along with custom form CN22 or CN23.
  • Compensation Policy : India Post will pay compensation to the customers for International Air Parcels in case of loss, damage or theft.
    • Up to 40 SDR will be paid to parcel in case total damage, loss or theft. Additional to that 4.5 SDR will be paid per kg.
    • If the parcel damage/loss/theft is partial then in that case the compensation would be limited as per the loss happened.

International Air Parcel Rates In India Post

As we previously said, India Posts offers International Parcel bookings as affordable as cheap.

  • While parcel booking amount per kg will depend on the destination country. It varies from country to country
  • Example: If we book parcel from India to South Korea the rates will be
    • 985 rupees for first 250 grams and for extra part every 250 grams will charge 80 RS
    • For example if we are sending a parcel of weight 16.25 kgs to Korea(Republic) then the booking price would be
      • 16250 grams in 250 grams would be in 65 parts.
      • (First part 985 rs+ 5120 rs(64*80)) =6105 rs
      • On total price extra 18% GST will be charged. SO total amount would be around 6105+1098.9=7203.9
    • Finally we came to conclusion that rates per Kg would be different for each country. We can check all country rates by visiting India Post official website

How to Book India Post International Air Parcel at Post Office

  • Visit nearest Post Office for Air Parcel booking. Ask for if cardboard available for packing the parcel things.
  • If cardboard not available at Post Office then you can use available cardboards at near by shops for packing. Cardboard should be plain if not then cover any images or text printed on it with white paper or brown colored plaster.
  • Arrange items in box one by one without gaps. Items would stick tight together so, parcel would be tight.
  • Seal everything neatly. Attest “TO” and “FROM” addresses in visible letter size.
  • Fill out the custom form given in Post Office and attest it on top of the cardboard parcel box. If articles value is under 300 SDR then it would be CN22 form else CN23.
  • 1 SDR value is 104.6298 rs in 2024.
  • After booking you will be given a tracking ID of India Post, keep it for tracing your parcel location.

Prohibited Items in India Post International Air Parcel Service

India Post allows most of the items while booking but, some are restricted according to Air Parcel rules. These prohibited items are:

  • Living Creatures: Any type of living creatures are not allowed trough India Post International Air Parcels.
  • Meat and Fish parts are note allowed to send.
  • Explosives, flammable substances and oils are not allowed. Radio active substances are strictly prohibited through Air Parcel. Inorganic and organic chemicals are prohibited.
  • Precious stones, Gold and silver articles are not allowed. Only authorized dealers can only send these valued items.
  • Electrical items and machinery items allowed conditionally.

If you have any queries please do comment below without any hesitation.

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