Maternity leave is an essentials aspect in female employees professional career. At the time of labor they will undergo severe physical and mental stress. Maternity leave will benefit the women to recover, breastfeeding and stay mentally fit. In this article we will explicate the rules and regulations of maternity leave provided to Gramin Dak Sevak female officials. Alike other departments India Post also provided same benefits to the female GDS.

On June 27th 2018 maternity leave for GDS has been introduced by the India Post. Here are the rules and regulations to avail maternity leave as a female Gramin Dak Sevak.

GDS Maternity Leave Rules and Regulations

As per the guidelines given by the India Post, female candidates can avail maternity leave under the following conditions.

  • Leave Period : Female GDS are allowed to get up to 6 months (180 days) as a maternity leave. Acquiring more than 180 days is not allowed. If your condition is not fit and need extra holidays then you may request department for extra leaves in LWA(Leave Without Allowance) section. In this kind leave, you will not get paid anything ‘no work no pay’ rule will be considered.
  • During this leave period she will be paid full amount of TRCA and allowance before proceeding on leave. If funds are not available then the amount would be paid in installments
  • Female Gramin dak sevaks can avail maternity leave twice in their entire engagement period. It is applicable up to two surviving children. if you want to bear a third one then no leave will be granted under maternity leave segment.
  • In case of any miscarriage or abortion happen then up to 45 days of leave might be granted to the female GDS official. In this case leave will be granted irrespective of surviving children and the dak sevak need to provide medical certificate from the approved medical practitioner.
  • Paid Leave : If you want, you can also apply for a paid leave along with maternity leave. Those 10 days of leave will be paid separately and will not be substracted from maternity leave.

How to Apply for Maternity Leave as a female Gramin Dak Sevak

Applying for maternity leave is straight forward. Follow department rules and regulations to get leave approved.

  • Before applying for Maternity leave you need to decide the leave period according to your delivery date and feeding months.
  • Fill up the leave form same as you do while applying for other leave types. Mention the leave type as maternity under nature of leave and grounds on which leave is required. Starting and ending dates of leave period are needs to be entered.
  • Submit substitute details who are willing to work under your surety during this period.
  • May need to provide medical certificates if necessary
  • Submit all details that are required for leave to divisional head through sub divisional head(to SP through ASP or IPO).
  • Request full amount of salary for these 180 days in advance.

Overall maternity leave is very crucial because it plays a key role in women’s life. It promotes health, parental presence, attachment and child development.

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