Emergency Leave for Gramin Dak Sevaks(GDS) implemented as a recommendation given by the Kamlesh Chandra committee. In 2019 January department of Posts introduced Emergency Leave for the GDS. It is a fundamental provision given to GDS to take leave in unforeseen and emergent situations. In this article we will try to delineate the rules and guidelines set down by the India Post to approve Emergency Leave for GDS.

Emergency Leave Guidelines and Instructions

While implementing the Emergency Leave facility department of Posts issued some instruction to avail it. Below are the guidelines given to get leave approved.

  • Total leaves in a year : GDS officials will get up to maximum of 5 days in a calendar year. More than 5 days are not allowed as a emergency leave in any circumstances.
  • Leave Period : Leave period should not be more than 2 days. Only two consecutive days leave will be granted at a time. No half day leave will be granted. Sundays/Holidays won’t be fall under emergency leave. GDS officials can add Sunday/Holiday as a prefix or suffix to approved emergency leave. If GDS took more than 2 days of a leave then the entire leave period will be considered as a Paid Leave. If Paid Leave is not available then his/her leave will falls under unauthorized absent.
  • TRCA : During the emergency leave total TRCA will be paid to GDS. No deductions will be done at department’s end.
  • Substitute : No substitute will be allowed to work during emergency leave. While GDS is on emergency leave his/her duty will be combined to the other GDS working along with him/her in the same BO. This means if BPM is on leave then his/her work needs to be done by ABPM vice versa. There is an exemption in case of a single handed BO’s.
  • BPM’s should send a leave letter on a white paper to the divisional head(SP) to avail emergency leave. In case of ABPM/Dak Sevaks they need to get approval from sub divisional head(ASP)/PM/SPM.
  • Emergency Leave cannot be encashed or carried forward. If you didn’t use emergency leave in a year then they will simply expire. You cannot combine emergency leave with Paid Leave.
  • GDS who are under put off duty could not avail emergency leave.

During personal and family emergencies Emergency Leave will be more helpful to the Gramin Dak Sevaks. Before and after leave period proper communication and documentation with the department would be necessary.

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