CEFA, children education facilitation allowance is a provision given to Gramin Dak Sevaks(GDS) for the assistance of children education in their families. It was came into accomplishment as a implementation of recommendations of a one-man committee in the year 2019. Before that no education allowance facility available for GDS.

No need of introduction about GDS life, we know Gramin Dak Sevaks are small breadwinners. Their income or salary is very small-scale. In these days with small-scale salary no one can run wheels of their family smooth. Of course Department of Posts granting very low amount as a education allowance but, that would be more than half of a GDS monthly salary. It may not reimburse total fees but it could provide a little assistance to the GDS.

Guidelines of Children Education Allowance for GDS in Department of Posts

India Post have imposed certain conditions for availing CEFA. GDS have to follow the below given guidelines to get education allowance for their children.

  • Children Education Facilitation Allowance can be claimed for only two of surviving children in the GDS official family. Their is an exception in case of second child birth is multiple or twins.
  • Total Amount : The total reimbursement amount would be 6000/- rupees per child in a financial year. It is fixed and no extra benefits or fees will be paid.
  • In case both spouses are in Postal Department working as a GDS then only one of them can avail CEFA.
  • The reimbursement amount will be paid to Gramin Dak Sevaks once in a year for the previous year education expenditure. Present year’s allowance will be paid in next financial year.
  • Children performance in school will also be considered while reimbursing. If he/she fails in an academic year then CEFA won’t be stopped but, In case he/she is passed and studying the same class again in another school then he/she will not be eligible for allowance.
  • Age Limit : GDS children can get CEFA up to 12th class(intermediate) from nursery onwards. Maximum age limit for children who is availing CEFA is 20 years. That means he/she should complete 12th class within 20 years of age limit. Where as for Divyaang children it is up to 22 years.
  • If GDS is under put off duty or on leave then he/she will not get any type CEFA from the department.

How to apply for Children Education Facilitation Allowance

This is a simple form filling process and attaching required documents. We try to give an explanation of application process.

  • You need to fill education allowance form with appropriate information. Ask your higher authorities for the application form or download it from online.
  • We can use a single application form for two children. No need of an extra form required for this.
  • GDS Details : In the beginning of form filling we will be asked to enter GDS employee details. Provide every single detail in the table.
  • Children Details : Details of the children of the Gramin Dak Sevaks needs to be entered. Here, we will be asked to enter the name of the children, date of birth and age.
  • Furnish previous financial year reimbursement details along with children details who availed or claimed.
  • Provide last academic year details such as school name, class studied and residential address. If the child is disabled then we need to enter disability type and provide disability certificate.
  • Attach Bonafide or study certificate from the school/institution.

After completing the form filling process staple with required certificates and send it to the Superintend of Posts of your division through Assistant Superintend of Posts from your sub division.

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